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DoFollow links

A DoFollow link is a link on a web page that passes PageRank or link juice to the target web page being linked to. A DoFollow link is just a link that doesn't have the NoFollow attribute attached to it.
Here's an example of HTML code for a normal, or DoFollow, link: <a href="">Full verion software</a>

 Compare that to the HTML code for a NoFollow link: <a href="" rel="nofollow">Full verion software</a>
On the Web, a DoFollow link to a website is like a vote for that website. Inbound links, or links from a different website, are something that search engines really pay attention to when deciding where to rank a web page in search results. Inbound links from a number of authoritative websites tells search engines that the target web page is important. It's best to leave links DoFollow unless you don't trust the site you're linking to, or for some reason don't want people to find it in search results. A log-in page, for example, isn't really a page people search for. If you're hosting a paid link, such as an ad, you should make it NoFollow. It can also be a good idea to make links in user-generated content, such as comments on blog posts, NoFollow.

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